Now Available:  Shout From a Silent World

Far-future science fiction

It is centuries after the Fall of the interstellar Tellus League. Most of the former League worlds have descended into darkness and silence, while the remnants of humanity struggle to maintain civilization on the scattered Far Worlds.

Nate–a former black ops agent–receives a cryptic message from one of the fallen worlds, leading him to believe that his wife and daughter might still be alive there. He leads an expedition to find them, heading into the very heart of the darkness. Meanwhile, a vast, criminal syndicate may be about to precipitate a second, final Fall. A Dead woman, a onetime monk turned-criminal, and an ancient mech with a faulty memory could be Nate’s only allies in saving humanity from utter destruction–if they can trust one another … and survive long enough.

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The scoop on SHOUT FROM A SILENT WORLD:  I’ve always loved far-future science fiction, when humankind (whatever that might mean) has spread out into the galaxy, encountering other races and worlds we can scarcely imagine.  What other civilizations–living or dead–might we discover?  Could their tech, used by us in our ignorance, bring calamity upon us?  SHOUT FROM A SILENT WORLD explores what might happen after humans make such a mistake, bringing about the fall of our own civilization.  SHOUT takes us on an epic adventure to exotic worlds and encounters with enhanced humans, dead people, living ships, killer monks, and an amnesiac machine as our characters strive to save themselves and humanity from a final fall.  If this sounds enticing, I invite you to download SHOUT FROM A SILENT WORLD to your favorite device.  Happy reading!  ~ J. William



Epic fantasy-adventure

The kingdoms and empires of Volusia were founded on the magic of the colossi–vast, enigmatic structures that were raised in mythic times.  But Volusia’s delicate balance of power is shattered when the magic of one colossus is suddenly stilled, bringing ruin and invasion upon its nation.

Sixteen year-old Aubry unknowingly holds the means to help her people,  but she’s stranded far from home and surrounded by foes.  Her only hope may lie with Zinedar, a disgraced enemy soldier.  In a distant land, Princess Ellia is forced to wield perilous magic to defend her isolated kingdom against a seemingly-unstoppable killer.

But even as they struggle to survive, Aubry, Zinedar, and Ellia will soon face the greatest threat of all–an ancient foe with power even over the colossi themselves.

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The scoop on COLOSSUS:  There’s a lot of great urban fantasy out there, but as much as many of us love to read about vampires, zombies, and the like, I often find myself searching the shelves for an epic fantasy than can transport me away from our dear Earth to a “big” world with sprawling, exotic empires, unknown lands, and mysterious, ancient artifacts that are sometimes better off left alone.  I wrote COLOSSUS to be such a book–with shapeshifters, airships, soldiers who can turn to stone (or anything else that suits them), deadly but faithful beast bodyguards, ancient megaliths, and other wonders.  COLOSSUS is also intensely personal, with real, complex characters who struggle with the same kinds of issues we all face.  COLOSSUS is priced to be pretty much risk-free (hey, how wrong can you go for less than the price of a latte?).  So download it to your favorite device and happy reading!  ~ J. William



Very near-future science-fiction